Quay Barber
8 Clinch's Court, North Quay,
Douglas, Isle of Man
(07624) 324333

The Quay Barber provides the quality male grooming service that you'd expect from a traditional barbershop, including gents haircutting and 'hot-towel' shaves. In a comfortable, relaxed environment.

- Price List -
  Hot-towel shave: £39  
Gents haircut: £18

Inside the Quay  Barber
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8 Clinch's Court, North Quay,  Douglas

- Opening Hours -
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am till 4pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

Extended hours are available to customers making appointments. Between 8am and 6pm by arrangement.

Call (07624) 324333 to arrange
your appointment

- Gift Vouchers -
Haircut and Hot-Towel Shave Gift Voucher: £57
Hot-Towel Shave Gift Voucher: £39

Enjoy a Hot Towel Shave at the  Quay Barber     Gent's haircuts at the Quay Barber     Comfortable Environment